Cisco WebEx Training Center

Share your expertise.
Train, teach, inspire.

Extend your reach.
Broaden horizons.

Combine the immediacy of video
conferencing with versatile teaching tools
and sophisticated enrollment and grading
systems. Add expert help when you need it.
  • Train employees
  • Offer online courses
  • Roll out products or programs in days

Go global — with video

Lecture from halfway across the world in
full-screen, HD video. Hold a round-table
with up to six video feeds… from six countries.
Share anything you can see on your
own screen.

Rich, collaborative learning environments

Hold attention with lively group or private chat, instant polling, and threaded Q&A.
Learners practice in hands-on labs, or work together in small breakout sessions.

Measure success

And improve.

Are you with me? Check in with quick-response
features and attention monitoring. Registration,
testing, and grading are fully integrated… detailed
reporting ensures you’ll be even more effective
next time.

Unmatched performance

And the highest grade of security.

No complicated software to download or hardware to
purchase. WebEx Training Center is delivered reliably
over the Cisco WebEx Cloud.

Expert up

Polish your program — add
production services.

Make the most of feature-rich
WebEx Training Center. Get expert help
planning and delivering your program —
add production services to your package.

Learn more: Assist Services for
WebEx Training Center